Tweet Compressor: Combines letters to make your tweets shorter.

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What's Tweet Compressor?

Tweet Compressor makes your tweets shorter by replacing groups of two or three letters with a single character that looks the same. Now you can beat Twitter's 140 character limit!

How do I use this thing?

Just type your message in the top box, and the compressed version will automatically show up in the bottom box. Send your compressed message to Twitter directly, or copy and paste it into your Twitter app.

What letters can be compressed?

Here's the list: cc, ms, ns, ps, in, ls, fi, fl, ffl, ffi, iv, ix, vi, oy, ii, xi, nj, ". " (period space), and ", " (comma space).

All of these letter groups will be replaced with a single character, using unicode. This is possible because unicode has single character replacements for things like roman numerals (iv, ix), scientific abbreviations (ms, ns), and more.

How compatible is it?

Compressed tweets have been tested to display OK on all browsers in Windows 7, Windows Vista, Mac OS X, Ubuntu, and the iPhone. Some versions of Windows XP do not have full unicode support, it depends on what country the user is in, and whether they have Microsoft Office installed.

Who made this?

I did. My name is John Forsythe. Check out my website or Follow me on Twitter: @blamcast. I also make some pretty nice text effects for Photoshop.

Nice work!

Thanks! Don't forget to tell your friends. Also, if you need Wordpress, Joomla, or Drupal hosting, check out my hosting review.